PnP Ratings Database Update — December 2011

21 12 2011

My plan is to find a different picture for the DB update post every month. On month 2, it's already hard.

Merry Christmas (or non-denominational secular equivalent) everyone!!  With the big day fast approaching, I hope this finds you gearing up for some well-deserved time off with friends and family.  That’s certainly the case for me:  after tonight I will be taking a brief blogging break for a week or so, if only to avoid annoying people by whipping out my tasting notepad in the middle of Christmas dinner (not to say that that won’t happen anyway…).  However, I thought I would leave you with December’s update to the Pop & Pour Ratings Database spreadsheet, which now includes all of the wines I’ve ever tasted and reviewed on this site up to this week.  If you’re looking for a last-minute XMas gift that delivers bang for the buck, just download the Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the links below and look for a wine with a high (0.65 and above) QPR rating, which is a rough guide to sniffing out bargains:  it tells you how many PnP ratings points above a baseline of 75 each wine-buying dollar gets you with respect to a particular bottle.  The top 10 highest-scoring QPR wines all cost $22 or less, so find them if you can!  Download the spreadsheets here (new Excel file first, then old Excel):

Pop & Pour Ratings Database Dec 2011

Pop & Pour Ratings DB Dec 2011 Old Excel

Have a safe a happy holiday season — may your glasses never be empty and your wine never be corked!



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