Coming Tomorrow: Tasting In Stereo!

29 08 2011

It’s been one of those gruelling, soul-crushing Mondays, and yet I remain upbeat and excited about the week.  There are two reasons for this:  (1) I’m going on vacation in three days, and (2) tomorrow I get the honour of being co-host to a pan-Canadian wine tasting adventure of the kind that only the Internet makes possible.  If you’ve ever read a PnP wine review and immediately wished you had an expert second opinion (and don’t lie — I’m sure there are those times), tomorrow your voice of sober second thought will come in the form of Tyler Philp, an Ontario-based wine blogger and tasting group leader who owns and operates North of 9 Fine Wine just beyond the clutches of Toronto.  Tyler has written on a number of vinous topics and has a clear passion for the world of wine, so he’s an ideal counterpart for this tasting experiment.

My Tasting In Stereo counterpart -- check him out at

Tomorrow night Tyler and I will each crack the same bottle, taste it independently, and then simultaneously post our notes, thoughts and impressions on our respective sites at a set time.  You’ll find out at the same time as us whether we felt the same way about the wine or whether we’ll need to have a few words offscreen about it…  🙂  You get two perspectives for the price of one (or, I guess, for the price of a million, since it’s all free), and I get a chance to compare tasting notes with a writer whose thoughts and palate I respect quite a bit.  We’ve picked a bottle that’s easy to find and under $20, so if one or both of us like it, you’ll be able to track it down.  Tasting In Stereo debuts tomorrow — see you then!



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