Thank You!!

28 03 2011

I had another wine review lined up for tonight, but my well-laid plans were derailed due to infant-related causes, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.  (Hint:  Spain, red, and lots of oak.)  But I just wanted to pound out a quick note to thank everybody who has stopped in to check out this blog over the past couple weeks.  Today, the 14th day since I started publicizing the fact that PnP existed, the site registered its 500th view, which may not be a ton compared to some of the more established wine sites out there, but which I guarantee is beyond anything I could have expected.  So thanks for taking the time to read, and comment, and follow me and PnP on Twitter; there’s a ton of wine knowledge and interest out there, and it feels great to be a tiny part of it.  Actual content tomorrow!!



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