Posting Delays (a.k.a. Infirmary Report)

5 01 2013

This was not in the plans.  I had intended to take a week or so off from blogging at the start of the holiday season and then get right back into posting after Christmas; I was mulling over year-end reviews, 2013 wine resolutions and other chronologically appropriate pieces, and I have a sample wine waiting in the wings that I was really excited about delving into.  Then the black cloud of sickness settled over my household, afflicting every member of my family (even the dog) one by one.  I’m the only person who has managed to avoid coming down with the cold and flu that all of Calgary seems to have at the moment, but my attentions have been steered away from the computer for a couple of weeks now.  I’m also going out of town next week for work (anyone have any recommendations for a cool place to have a great glass of wine in Pasadena?), which means it will likely be a calendar month between Pop & Pour articles.  Sorry about that.  Rest assured that I am still alive and kicking and have not given up blogging forever, and check back mid-month for actual new content.  Happy New Year everyone!



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8 01 2013
S. Andersen

Hope you get better soon!! Btw, I’d like to see some features of champagne/sparkling wine for those of us totally clueless by the time New Year hits and we find we need something to toast with. I’m especially curious of what you think of Yellowtail Sparkling wine with a “zork” 🙂


8 01 2013

Oh my god, you have to tell me what a zork is… Trying and writing up more bubbles is part of my wine goals for 2013, so I’ll do my best to satisfy your request! In the meantime, pick up the Jan/Feb issue of Culinaire magazine when it comes out — I have an article in there with some rose sparkling recommendations from the most savvy bubble drinker I know…


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