New Search Feature & Other Additions

15 09 2011

Now that I have enough content on this site to make it worthwhile, I have added a Search box to — if you look in the upper right corner of the page, you’ll see it waiting for you.  If you want to see if I’ve reviewed a particular wine or producer, have discussed a specific topic or have done a full write-up of your favourite obscure grape Malvar (yes I have!), type in the search and all relevant posts will instantly be at your fingertips.  I have tested this out a few times this afternoon and it’s freaking awesome; as always, WordPress, you rule.  Hopefully this will be easier than scrolling through dozens of wine reviews trying to find out just how much I hated the Fiole du Pape CNDP.

I’ve made a couple other tweaks to the site as well, adding an explanation of the PnP wine Scoring System as a separate page on the main header bar and truncating each post on the homepage to make things easier to navigate.  Thanks to those who have submitted comments and suggestions about how to improve this site — if anyone has any other thoughts on what PnP can do to be a better reading experience, please leave a comment and let me know.  Cheers!



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