5,000 Club & Vacation

27 07 2011

If you don’t see another PnP review for a few days, fear not:  I haven’t sworn off wine forever, I’m just heading out of town for the long weekend.  More bottles will be opened and more write-ups will be posted next week, I promise.

Based on the site’s hit counter, it looks exceedingly likely that Pop & Pour will break the 5,000-hit barrier sometime in the next day.  Since I won’t be around then to say anything about it, I wanted to take the time now to thank everyone reading this and everyone who has subscribed or clicked over to PnP for their support of the blog over the past few months.  Most recently, thanks to Forrest Wines in New Zealand and Christopher Stewart Wine & Spirits Imports in Calgary for posting links to Pop & Pour reviews on Facebook/Twitter earlier today.  It means a lot and is very much appreciated!  See you next week!



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