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24 07 2011

I realized two things today:  (1) I hadn’t updated my Links section down the right-hand page of this site since I started PnP, and (2) my Links section sucked.  When thinking about how best to describe it, words like “half-hearted” and “filler” jumped to mind.  Well, no more — I set about re-tooling it tonight and I feel I’ve upgraded it to at least “work in progress” or “mediocre-plus”.  Check out my new additions below, most of which are wine sites that I visit on a regular basis.

I especially want to invite you to take a look at some of the other local wine blogs that are out there, all of whom do a wonderful job of building and promoting Calgary’s wine culture.  YYC Wine is sharp, well-written and easily readable, and they provide not only regular insightful wine reviews (with specific mention of where in Calgary/Alberta you can find each subject bottle) but also write-ups of special wine events in the city.  Check out YYC on Twitter (@yycwine), where they have been known to pass along info about some killer Calgary wine deals…  Tom Firth is a wine blogger and reviewer for Canada’s own Wine Access magazine, but I know him best from his prolific and interactive tweets (@cowtownwine)…I’ve gotten more than one piece of sage 140-character vino advice from him in the past few months.  Highlander Wine & Spirits (@highlanderwine) runs its own stream-of-consciousness wine blog, Vinous Virtuosity, as does the Calgary Herald with Uncorked, the latter of which I use more for local events news than actual wine write-ups.

Do you know of any other solid Calgary online wine contributors?  If so, please let me know in the Comments section below, because I would love to add them to my Links.  There’s an amazing amount of local expertise in our fair city, but I feel like a lot of people don’t know where to look to find it…that seems like something that can be fixed if we do enough to spread the word.  Have a great week!









One response

26 11 2011
YYCWine (@yycwine)

Thanks for the mention on Pop and Pour…..really appreciated and apologies it took so long to realize it. We don’t Google ourselves near enough.


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